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Free, free at last! Finally out. Where to go? Which way? Who cares? Just go! The figure walked along the road under smog-laden skies. It followed the wreckage of asphalt and twisted metal. Whatever lay ahead had to be better than the ruins behind it. It found a strange device in one car, a board with wheels. It tested the durability, and then stood on it. After a few tries, the figure was moving much faster. It gave a hum of pleasure. The scarf fluttered behind it. Traveling made easier, the figure pushed on hoping to find another city, one that wasn't destroyed. It doubted such a place existed. There couldn't be a place where the air was safe to breath and food readily available. Crows called out in indignation as they were interrupted from their meals. The figure didn't care.

The sun sank slowly below the horizon, the lamps lit up, and the figure continued reading. The elderly woman kept babbling on about something coming. It turned another page. It would not move or care until it finished its book. The world around it, as was its self, was superficial. Everything seen through tinted glasses, and everything in its proper place. It kept half an ear on the ramblings, now, however. Whatever dangerous something that was coming, it was also, according to the elder, leaving. It would stop here, then not finding what it seeks, will leave. The motionless figure wanted to find out how. Another page turned. The book was almost finished. It had been interesting, involving life-changing wars and strange magic. The figure read the last page, and then put the book down.

A faint light ahead told it that dawn drew near. It had never seen a true sunrise. It paused, staying stationary until the golden orb was well in the sky. It marveled at the dark blue color, still tainted with pollution. Pollution wasn't as bad out here, and it seemed to get better the farther it travelled. It smiled under its scarf, pulling the fabric tied around its head down a bit to lessen the glare of the morning sun. The skateboard, as the figure now remembered its transportation was called, had proved to be of excellent quality.  It kicked off once more, stopping when it found a toppled motorcycle. A metallic blue Kawasaki Ninja, with full tank and in working condition. The figure knew how to drive this machine. It secured the skateboard across its back and righted the vehicle.

"It's moving faster now."  The elderly woman announced over breakfast. The figure leaned forward, ignoring its parent's comments and protesting dismissals. It wanted to know of the arriving event. "It found something to help it go further and faster. It's coming here." The figure looked out the kitchen window. Cars passed by in leisure, driven by people living in comfort. The figure mentally frowned at the utopia it lived in. It wanted, needed, out of there. This might be its chance to leave. The elderly woman spoke again, with conviction. "It will take one of our own, dear. The one it takes will suffer a while, but will gain much more in return. Oh, be sure of that. It will arrive today." The figure met the elder's gaze. It nodded and asked, "Because your ability says it's so?"
second part of aforementioned exercise
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January 29, 2011
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